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Bed & Breakfast Tour in New Smyrna Beach

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Bed & Breakfast Tour in New Smyrna Beach

If you are a frequent visitor of New Smyrna Beach, or a resident, you won’t want to miss the Bed & Breakfast Tour set for December 17, 2017. From 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. you are invited to tour four beautiful B&B’s in NSB. The tours are self-guided, so you can spend as much or as little time in any of the local B&B’s.

On the tour are:

  • The Inn On The Avenue – 309 Flagler Avenue
  • The Riverview – 103 Flagler Avenue
  • The Night Swan – 512 S. Riverside Drive
  • The Black Dolphin – 916 S. Riverside Drive

Each Bed & Breakfast will be decorated with holiday festive decorations. Many will be serving light refreshments. Inn owners will be able to answer questions and a few may even give away prizes! If you enjoy staying at a Bed & Breakfast, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to check out the best B&Bs around!

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Month-long Room Rentals Now Available

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Month-long Room Rentals Now Available

Unpack your bags, because month-long room rentals are now available at the Inn On The Avenue! Monthly rentals in New Smyrna Beach are often hard to come by, especially certain times of the year. Who wouldn’t want to spend an entire month here?! Now visitors are able to stay at a bed & breakfast inn located directly on Flagler Avenue, making it all that more desirable.

Each month Flagler Avenue hosts several special events. You’ll be right in the heart of it all. Plus, the shopping is great and the beach is a short 2-block walk away. We are happy to recommend a local fishing guide or can suggest many other tours and sights to see. With so many things to do, a month at our inn will fly by!

Benefits of a Month-long Room Rental

Our month-long stay offers many benefits that other rentals do not. On the weekends, enjoy gourmet breakfast with other guests. Weekends also include our popular Sangria Hour as the evening on the Avenue begins. The rest of the week, you’re free to discover the many great menus at other nearby restaurants. There are many dining options within walking distance or get around the island and nearby Canal Street on one of our bicycles – free use for all of our guests.

Month-long room rentals are equipped with a small refrigerator, plus you’ll have limited kitchen privileges (please call for details). With weekly maid service, you won’t be bothered with daily interruptions of your privacy as you would be with a hotel stay. Nor will be you responsible for cleaning an entire house as with many other monthly rentals in New Smyrna Beach.

So next time you’re considering spending a month in Florida, check out the Inn On The Avenue. Rates start at $3,500. Make your reservations as soon as you have your date picked out. The number of month-long room rentals is limited, and during certain times of the year our inn fills up fast!

Stay at the Inn On The Avenue in NSB for a month and let our home be your home.

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Avoid Hotel Fees when Staying in New Smyrna Beach

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Avoid Hotel Fees when Staying in New Smyrna Beach

Some things are fun to find when staying in New Smyrna Beach. Hidden hotel fees are not one of them!

When booking a stay in New Smyrna Beach, be aware of many hidden hotel fees. There is a chance that you will be unaware of the expense until checking in or out! Quickly that hotel you thought was so much less expensive just cost way over the price of that cute Bed & Breakfast on Flagler!

Some hotels have adopted a fee structure similar to that of many airlines. These hotel fees are priced separately, added to your final bill and even taxed. Most of these fees are not published and can only be discovered by calling the front desk or by asking when you check in. This has many visitors that book their reservations Online frustrated.

Resort Hotel Fees

The Inn On The Avenue does not charge resort fees. There are hotels in NSB that do though. These resort fees are charged to cover the cost of items such as bottled water, newspapers, WiFi, pool/gym use and other amenities. If you do not use these amenities, you may still have to pay for them.

Phone, Television & WiFi

Some hotels charge for using their in-room telephones. This is easy to avoid. Simply use your own cell phone. Don’t want to pay for movies or premium television services? They can be avoided by not using them as well. The Inn On The Avenue has each room’s television included in their cable plan, which includes a full range of popular channels. We also allow free use of our WiFi for Internet use or for making calls on your cell phone to save data charges. That can save a lot of money, especially since WiFi use can cost as much as $10-15 per day at some hotels!

Early Check-in, Late Check-out & Shortened Stays

It isn’t uncommon for early check-in or late check out fees to be accessed when staying in New Smyrna Beach. Some hotels charge as much as $50 for this fee. To avoid this fee, plan your arrival and departure based upon the hotel’s room reservation times. Regular check-in time at the Inn is between 3 & 6pm; check out time is 11am. Larger hotels may not cut you any slack in this area. When making your reservation at the Inn On The Avenue, call and speak to Tami if you need an early check-in or late check out. Depending upon room availability, these fees can often be waived completely. If you are shortening your stay by an entire day, again, based upon availability, we are more willing to work something out than most local hotels or B&Bs.

Mini Bars, Safes & Refrigerator Fees

If the hotel you will be staying at in NSB has a mini-bar, safe or refrigerator, ask when you check in if you will be charged for using it. Most mini-bar items are charged only if you consume the item. If you don’t want to use the safe or refrigerator, be sure you are not charged for simply having it in your room. At the Inn On The Avenue, each room is equipped with a safe with free use of it. We also offer a refrigerator upstairs that our guests are free to use. Sangria hour and free snacks are provided, so that mini bar fee? Not happening here!

Parking Fees

Ah parking. It is a touchy subject, especially beach side. Guests at the Inn On The Avenue are allowed one vehicle per room. Most other hotels offer the same. However, what are you to do if that hotel runs out of parking passes? This happens often, so be sure to ask prior to your arrival how to handle parking. We can recommend several solutions.

Other Hotel Fees that are Often Unavoidable

If you want a roll-away bed or baby crib, having an extra guest will often cost you extra. Want to smoke in your room? Don’t! The cleaning fee can cost as much as $250+. We offer a balcony downstairs where you are allowed to smoke. Pet fees are another expense. Sorry, but pets are not allowed at the Inn On The Avenue. Try a pet-friendly hotel chain or hire a sitter to avoid this fee. Need to fax something out? If your hotel won’t do it for free, try a nearby business. Our town is filled with friendly people and business owners–just ask at the Inn and we’ll set the example!

When booking your accommodations in New Smyrna Beach, not all hotels or bed & breakfast inns are upfront with their pricing. Don’t get tricked into staying somewhere and having to pay a bunch of additional hotel fees. Call ahead of time to confirm the total cost. As always, you are welcome to stay at the Inn On The Avenue without incurring most all of these hotel fees, and never any hidden costs!

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Accommodations for Express Business Travelers

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In town for business? Perhaps New Smyrna Beach is an overnight stop on your way to another destination. We have a great offer for accommodations for express business travelers when needing a place to stay the night in New Smyrna Beach. Our express business travelers offer is perfect for the traveler on the go. Enjoy premium accommodations, free wi-fi and many other amenities without a few of the extras. Save time and money!

Accommodations for Express Business TravelersExpress Business Travelers*
Sunday – Thursday
Reserve your room starting at only

To get this discounted rate, call 386-693-4808 to make your reservation, and let us know you are an Express Traveler.

Accommodations for Express Business Travelers on the Go

We understand that there are times when you are on business, you just need a comfortable place to sleep. At the Inn On The Avenue our mattresses and bedding are top-of-the-line and provide all of the comfort you need. We also understand that you don’t always have a lot of time. We can quickly check you in and out so you can be on your way. Business travelers also find that they don’t always have time nor want a full breakfast. We’ll gladly send you off with a muffin or other baked good and a delicious cup of hot coffee. Quick. Comfortable. Serious business.

However, once you experience our accommodations for express business travelers, don’t be surprised if you find you’d like to spend more time here. In fact, we welcome business travelers to return for a longer stay on their next trip. Let us pamper you and treat you to a full gourmet breakfast. Additionally, our bed & breakfast inn makes the perfect vacation for you and your significant other. Let us show you our not-so-serious side and enjoy Sangria hour with our other guests.

Want the best of both worlds – business and pleasure? The Inn On The Avenue offers perfect accommodations for a business retreat or corporate meeting. Let New Smyrna Beach inspire and motivate your business goals. Book the Inn and bring your entire staff! Read more about our business retreat accommodations…

*Sangria happy hour is NOT included. Breakfast is limited to continental-style ONLY. Holidays are not included. Other restrictions may apply.

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